October 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 09 Oct 2019
Bolstering Stealth Assessment in Serious Games using machine learning technology

AbcdeSIM featured in the paper “Bolstering Stealth Assessment in Serious Games,” written by Konstantinos Georgiadis, Tjitske Faber, and Wim Westera. This paper will be presented on the GALA Conf 2019 in Athens, November 27-29. About the paper: “A new study entitled “Bolstering Stealth Assessment in Serious Games” by Konstantinos Georgiadis et al. prove the wellness of the abcdeSIM game for training people in emergency care

August 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 29 Aug 2019
VirtualMedSchool on the list of Innovation Drivers of Rotterdam

Rotterdam. A city rebuilt and re-designed after World War 2. A city which is home to people from 175 nationalities, that consistently evolved and adapted to become one of the most important locations in Europe. A city full of collaborative communities that drive innovation forward and deal with any challenges that might arise. A city dedicated to getting stuff done. Since the term “innovation drivers” is

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 21 Aug 2019
VR Study Sophia Children Hospital

“Virtual reality exposure before elective daycare surgery to reduce anxiety and pain in children”. VR study by the Erasmus MC Sophia Children Hospital and published in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology. The aim of this study was to investigate if virtual reality exposure (VRE) as a preparation tool for elective day care surgery in children is associated with lower levels of anxiety, pain and emergence delirium

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 01 Aug 2019
English translations

We are happy to announce that our Paediatrics and General Practitioner versions of AbcdeSIM are now also available in English. All our versions have now been translated to English: – AbcdeSIM for emergency physicians – AbcdeSIM for emergency department nursing – AbcdeSIM for pre-hospital primary care – AbcdeSIM for severe burn victims – AbcdeSIM for paediatrics If you want more information or a free demo: contact

July 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 24 Jul 2019
AbcdeSIM in Spanish

Happy to announce that we have just released our version of abcdeSIM for the Spanish and Latin American market. To support our Spanish speaking potential users, we created a document: ¿Qué es AbcdeSIM?” explaining AbcdeSIM and the benefits. Click here to download this document. If you want more information or a free demo: contact us.     Nos complace anunciar que acabamos de lanzar nuestra versión de abcdeSIM

June 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 24 Jun 2019
Innovation abcdeSIM

Op maandag 24 juni as zullen wij aanwezig zijn op het InnovationQuarter Jaarevent. Wij zullen hier tevens een korte presentatie houden tijdens het voorprogramma. Dit jaar staat impact centraal, ImpaQt voor Zuid-Holland. Het event zal plaatsvinden in de Rotterdamse Van Nelle Fabriek, bedacht voor ondernemerschap, ontworpen om te innoveren. Kom je ook? Meer informatie en aanmelden, klik hier

March 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 26 Mar 2019
LSH010 ontbijt Serious Gaming

Op 28 maart a.s. zal VirtualMedSchool tijdens het LHS010 ontbijt spreken over AbcdeSIM. Onderwerpen die besproken worden zijn; Wat was aanleiding voor de game: vanuit welke vraag? Welke markt wordt er bediend met deze game; Met wie ontwikkeld; hoe verliep het ontwikkelproces; Welke innovatieroute is doorlopen; Wie opdrachtgever / bekostiging? funding? Hoe verliep dit proces Hoe pak je verdere opschaling en implementatie aan. Lessons learned. Na

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 20 Mar 2019
SIM Conference George Washington University

On March 21-22 VirtualMedSchool and Siemens Healthineers will attend the GW 2019 Simulation Conference. This year’s practice-focused conference includes a panel of simulation leaders who will discuss the state of nurse practitioner (NP) education, use of simulation in nurse residency programs and the development of an NP simulation curriculum. More information and program can be found here.

February 2019
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 28 Feb 2019
WES 2017 VirtualMedSchool

Donderdag 7 maart aanstaande zijn wij te vinden op het WES congres “TRAUMA? De scenario editie” in de Doelen in Rotterdam. Wij vertellen u graag meer over onze serious game de abcdeSIM en onze aanvullende modules, zoals bijvoorbeeld de  Trauma module. Tevens geven wij u graag een demonstratie van de game en beantwoorden wij uw vragen. Heeft u geen of weinig tijd, dan sturen wij

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 06 Feb 2019
Publication in Life Sciences & Health 010

Interview with our CEO Ronald Nanninga for Life Sciences & Health 010, the magazine about Life Sciences & Health companies in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This article is about the international ambition of VirtualMedSchool in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. For the publication “Flagship on an international course”, see below links: Complete magazine in English (page 33) Article in English Complete magazine in Dutch (pag 33) Article in Dutch

February 2019

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