Virtual Patient Model

At the core of AbcdeSIM sits out physiological patient model, aka ‘Virtual Patient Model’. This model gives medical relevance to AbcdeSIM, in making the virtual patient respond on the treatment, exactly as a real patient would.

High fidelity proprietary model of human physiology never used before in an online simulation

At the core of abcdeSIM runs a validated mathematical model which is the result of years of extensive research and close collaboration between the department of Technical Medicine at the University of Twente and the Erasmus University Medical Center. The model enables abcdeSIM to accurately mimic medical conditions and automatically respond to clinical interventions.

This mathematical model consists of coupled cardiovascular, respiratory and pharmacological systems. While containing more than 200 parameters and dozens of differential equations, the model runs real-time in the browser of any desktop computer.

ABCDE physiological model
ABCDE physiological model


Making it the first extensive physiological model of this kind that is part of an online simulation. This is only possible thanks to a lean implementation of this extremely complex model by teamwork between programmers, clinicians, and researchers. This collaboration resulted in a virtual emergency department where clinical parameters react to illnesses, injuries, medication, infusion and other therapies the way that real life patients would. That ensures that abcdeSIM users get a consistent, objective learning experience every time until they master the skills necessary to save human lives.

Tailor made scenarios

The physiological model that is placed at the core of abcdeSIM allows for a very flexible platform on which an endless variety of clinical scenarios, also outside the emergency room, can be played out.

Additionally, the graphics of abcdeSIM can be adjusted to correspond with local medication names and dosages, as well as medical equipment if needed.

If you have a smart idea on how to use our virtual patient model in a novel way, we love to hear from you, contact us