Special bundle price

In light of the current development of COVID-19, we receive a lot of requests for remote learning.

In an attempt to provide a positive contribution to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to deliver all our versions of AbdceSIM in one bundle for the price we usually charge for only one version. With this, we aim to support all medical students who are currently not able to attend their offline classes.

In practice, this means that we charge 150 euro (ex vat) per user for

  • AbcdeSIM for hospital doctors or hospital nurses (dummy level, tutorial, and 5 scenarios)

and also deliver free of charge:

  • AbcdeSIM for General Practitioner
  • AbcdeSIM for Severe Burns Treatment
  • AbcdeSIM for Paediatrics

including one extra level of AbcdeSIM for the training of COVID-19 assessments !!

This will add an additional 11 levels to your learning potential.

Are you interested and want more info, you can contact us here!

NB1 All our existing abcdeSIM customers will also get free of charge access to the additional abcdeSIM modules.

NB2 On request, we can also provide online education support with experienced doctors and nurses for the implementation of AbcdeSIM in your organization.