Battle AbcdeSIM for students

Now even more relevant than ever!
In an attempt to provide a positive contribution to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we (VirtualMedSchool and IJsfontein) decided to organize an online battle and offer free access to one level of AbceSIM for students who are currently not able to attend their offline classes.

The students can acquire new or hone existing skills in a virtual environment. The battle is open for medical and health students as well as residents. Investigate and stabilize the patient using the ABCDE protocol, and handover to the proper medical specialty.

What is this patient suffering from…?

Want to join? Just fill in the contact form here, and you will receive your personal activation code.

We have a prize for the students with the highest score! The top three players receive a personal full-stack license of AbcdeSIM. The winner will receive an exciting prize!

AbcdeSIM is originally developed in collaboration with IJsfontein (game developer), Erasmus University MC Rotterdam (medical content), and SBOH (medical content).

NB If you enjoy using this AbcdeSIM level, tell your teacher. We have a special offer for institutions who want to include all levels in their curriculum! If you are a experienced medical or health professional, you can get acces to a free level here.