VirtualMedSchool on the list of Innovation Drivers of Rotterdam

Rotterdam. A city rebuilt and re-designed after World War 2. A city which is home to people from 175 nationalities, that consistently evolved and adapted to become one of the most important locations in Europe. A city full of collaborative communities that drive innovation forward and deal with any challenges that might arise. A city dedicated to getting stuff done.

Since the term “innovation drivers” is broad, we will give our view on what it covers. In this article, innovation drivers are all the different parties which contribute to the innovative economy by making an impact with their business and/or by enabling others to do so.

Here is one different overview of Rotterdam’s Tech Ecosystem. 166 Innovation Drivers, Startups, Large Corporates and Digital Service Providers

VirtualMedSchool is mentioned on this list of Innovation Drivers by Robin Vos and Wouter Mennen.

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