March 2018
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 14 Mar 2018

On March 26th, Mary Dankbaar will speak at the Human Capitaldag. She will talk about the goals, structure and progress of the research project ‘Using real-time cognitive and non-cognitive indicators for regulation and self-regulation in game-based learning’. With AbcdeSIM as the centre of this project.  With this meeting, NWO/NRO wants to make connections and bring people together. On this day, the current themes and dilemmas in

February 2018
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 21 Feb 2018
Rational prescribing in Europe – Are future doctors well prepared?

“Rational prescribing in Europe – Are future doctors well prepared?” Publication of the thesis of David J. Brinkman. Outline of the thesis The goal of the studies described in this thesis is to improve CPT education in the undergraduate medical curricula of European medical schools and ultimately contribute to improvements in the quality and safety of patient care. From the above, we know that the current

January 2018
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 26 Jan 2018
Introductie Newborn Life Support leermodule op Symposium Zorg rond de Pasgeborene

Dit jaar zijn wij aanwezig het Symposium Zorg rond de Pasgeborene, met dit jaar als thema “bij het begin beginnen” – de opvang van de neonaat. Het Symposium zal plaatsvinden in Congrescentrum de Reehorst in Ede, maandag 29 januari as. “Een symposium voor alle zorgprofessionals werkzaam met pasgeborenen. Dit vraagt om een verbindend thema. Dit jaar is er gekozen voor de opvang van de neonaat. Het

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 25 Jan 2018
Publication about our 5 stars quality label

AbcdeSIM is mentioned in the Medical Training Magazine volume 7 issue 1.2018. Here you will find an article about DSSH and their quality label for serious games. The Dutch Society of Simulation in Healthcare (DSSH) has developed a transparent evaluation framework with an associated quality label for medical serious games. B. Doyen, A. Mert, H.A.W. Meijer, T.C.W. Nijboer, and M.E.W. Dankbaar report. Last year abcdeSIM

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 22 Jan 2018
Blended learning Abcde - OSG - VMS

VirtualMedSchool en OSG werken samen om te kunnen voorzien in de stijgende behoefte aan een complete ABCDE-cursus voor artsen en verpleegkundigen in ziekenhuizen. Daarbij spelen zowel theoretisch als praktisch onderwijs en rol. VirtualMedSchool verzorgt met serious game AbcdeSIM het theoriegedeelte. VirtualMedSchool is een platform voor de educatie van artsen en verpleegkundigen, zowel opleiding als voor nascholing. Dit met een focus op serious gaming/medische simulatie. Ons

Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 05 Jan 2018
Digital Health global 100 MHealth VirtualMedSchool

We are pleased to announce that VirtualMedSchool has been recognised as a leading HealthTech Innovator in the 2017 Global Digital Health 100! The Global Digital Health 100 is one of the HealthTech industries foremost technology award programmes, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship. It recognises and supports health technology companies that are demonstrating the greatest potential to change the way that healthcare is delivered. Over the past four

December 2017
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 12 Dec 2017
Serious gaming is een blijvertje

AbcdeSIM vermeld in een interessant online artikel van Uilke Tjalsma Med | Hoger Veiligheidskundige, docent Integrale Veiligheid aan de Thorbecke Academie en Onderzoeker Lectoraat Serious Gaming. Klik hier voor het gehele artikel.

November 2017
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 20 Nov 2017
CINEX Curacao VirtualMedSchool

From Nov 29th until Dec 1st we will be attending the CINEX Smart Fintech & Cyber Security Investment Summit 2017. We will speak at the 2nd day, Dec 1st, for more information and complete programm click here. The CINEX Smart Fintech & Cyber Security Investment Summit 2017 is about presenting, discussing and acknowledging the challenges of a Digital Economy for the island of Curaçao. This

October 2017
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 20 Oct 2017

Publication in the Dutch eHealth Special Feature of the Journal of mHealth, The Digital Hospital. This issue, The Digital Hospital, looks at the different ways in which hospitals are embedding digital technologies and services into their day-to-day operations. Also inside, there is a Special Feature (see page 26): Dutch Digital Health – Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare, which is a fantastic showcase of digital health innovations from

September 2017
Danielle vd Schoor
Posted at: 25 Sep 2017
Maasstad Ziekenhuis abcdeSIM

On Wednesday 27th, we will be present at the OOR symposium in the Amphia Hospital in Breda, The Netherlands. There will be a workshop with the abcdeSIM for severe burns treatment by the Maasstad Academy. ABAN accredited for 4 points. For more information and sign up, click here (in Dutch).

September 2017

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