Bundle: abcdeSIM for Physicians and Severe Burns Treatment


Combination of AbcdeSIM for Physicians plus AbcdeSIM for Severe burns treatment for a special discounted price.


The abcdeSIM modules include 3 items:

  1. E-learning: here we go through all the parts of the ABCDE step by step.
  2. Knowledge test: After this module you get a knowledge test. After you have achieved a sufficient score on the knowledge test, you get access to the ABCDE simulation game (the icon will then become visible).
  3. AbcdeSIM game: Here you must pass all 5 scenarios with a sufficient result. You can always return to the game to regularly practice your ABCDE skills in the virtual EMERGENCY ROOM of abcdeSIM.

General information:
AbcdeSIM is an e-learning and ‘serious game’ in one! The e-learning allows you to optimize your ABCDE-knowledge and to put this knowledge into practice through a lifelike digital game.

Virtual emergency environment:
Through the e-learning you will learn all about the ABCDE-method. You can then put this knowledge into practice in a virtual emergency environment. Here you play five scenarios with a different case each time. The scenarios you need to pass successfully for your accreditation. The game also includes a comprehensive tutorial. In short, train your skills with life-like patients in this medical ‘ serious game.’

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Technical requirements: 
To use the e-learning abcdeSIM, you need a computer with internet and sound, with a browser (Chrome, Edge or Firefox). Please note that abcdeSIM cannot be played on a tablet like an iPad.

Background information:
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NB The licenses are for individual use only and cannot be shared with third parties.
For professional use within your organization, please contact us, so that we can create a personal environment with licenses per student/employee.