Human Capitaldag 2018

On March 26th, Mary Dankbaar will speak at the Human Capitaldag. She will talk about the goals, structure and progress of the research project ‘Using real-time cognitive and non-cognitive indicators for regulation and self-regulation in game-based learning’. With AbcdeSIM as the centre of this project. 

With this meeting, NWO/NRO wants to make connections and bring people together. On this day, the current themes and dilemmas in the field of Human Capital will be discussed. The audience will, therefore, consist of people who, in all the possible ways (policy, research, practice), are concerned with Human Capital.

This day is organized at the Grand Hotel Karel V at the Geertebolwerk in Utrecht (The Netherlands).
You can download the initial program, additionally there are some table sessions. The four themes of these sessions are:

– Dilemma’s in the cooperation between science and practice;
– The development of products;
– Lifelong; Human Capital in all forms;
– Influencing policy research;

Click here for more information about the themes.

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The links in the article are in Dutch.