Best practices of playful learning

Playful learning helps students to learn valuable skills such as persistence, collaboration, experimenting, and failure. It stimulates their intrinsic motivation, their flow, and a mindset in which they take more risks, which can increase their self-esteem and make them more resilient.

In their blog series about playful learning, Yentl Croes and Emma Wiersma from Leiden University, already covered the best practices of Leiden University teachers applying playful learning principles in their teaching and best practices of escape rooms in education that are developed by other Dutch university innovators.

In this article, they will share some of the best practices of playful learning that teachers outside of Leiden University have developed, like VirtualMedSchool with AbcdeSIM.

You can find this article, together with the rest of the series, here: best-practices-of-playful-learning-outside-leiden-university/