About the release of AbcdeSIM for severe burns treatment

The serious game was developed by Cees Kuijs (Maasstad Academy) together with Ronald Nanninga (VirtualMedSchool), Dr. Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit (Erasmus University Medical Centre) and the members of the project team from the Maasstad Burn Centre.

The game is based on the abcdeSIM serious games platform and associated physiological model developed by Erasmus University Medical Centre. “The serious game (including e-learning module) is a realistic game to train healthcare professionals in burn care by creating virtual practice simulations with burn patients (both adult and paediatric) that mimic real life patient care”

Kuijs explains. “After passing the e-learning module the player then practices diagnosing and stabilizing a burn patient in the online serious game. In the abcdeSIM virtual emergency department a burn patient is presented and it is the player’s task to diagnose and treat the burn victim within fifteen minutes. This player automatically learns the steps to be followed for the flawless execution of the procedure. Furthermore, the player sees the patient clinical parameters change as a result of their actions and treatment. The player also learns from the extensive feedback afterwards.”

Dr. Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit, chair of the emergency department at Erasmus University Medical Centre and co-founder VirtualMedSchool: “The results of our serious games in the Netherlands and abroad are very positive. Not only is it a new way of learning, it also provides better learning outcomes and is more efficient. This means there is more time for extra learning thereby improving the care provided by professionals even further. Maasstad Hospital is leading in this development.”

Maasstad Hospital Burn Centre is committed to training professionals A small burn is often treatable by an emergency physician or the GP. However, a severe large burn is not just a question of skin damage, but also of changes in other organ systems in the body. Due to burn process toxic substances can make the patient seriously ill.

Rob de Vogel, manager of Maasstad Hospital Burn Centre: “The first hours and days are crucial in the care of patients with severe burns. The acute care and referral of patients with burns should proceed carefully. Maasstad Hospital Burn Centre is therefore committed to the training of medical professionals. This serious game is an excellent way to increase the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals in the Emergency Department with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients.”

VirtualMedSchool Co- founder and CEO Ronald Nanninga: “We are very proud of the results of our co-creation with Maasstad Hospital. As a result, we are able to incorporate the expertise of the Maasstad Hospital in our serious games. We look forward to work with many other medical opinion leaders in future collaborations.”